Burn candles. Do good.

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$2 from every order goes straight to one of the causes below.
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OzHarvest is the leading food rescue organisation in Australia, collecting quality excess food and delivering it direct to more than 1300 charities across the country. Every $1 donated allows OzHarvest to deliver two meals to people in need.

Founded in 2004 by Ronni Kahn, after noticing the huge volume of good food going to waste from the hospitality industry, she decided there had to be a better way. Starting in Sydney with one van, she delivered 4,000 meals in the first month.

OzHarvest now operates nationally, rescuing over 100 tonnes of food each week from over 3,000 food donors including supermarkets, hotels, airports, farmers, corporate events, cafes, restaurants,  and boardrooms.

Read more about OzHarvest here.


Founded in 2013 by veterinary nurse Rachael Parker, and the first of its kind in Western Australia, Greener Pastures Sanctuary located in the Peel Region, provides a permanent home to its more than 160 current animal residents. The Sanctuary strives for increased public understanding of the suffering of animals used for food, and the environmental impact of their production.

Greener Pastures work to restore dignity to resident animals, alleviate their suffering, and educate Western Australians as to their stories. They do this by providing visitors with an opportunity to spend time in the company of their residents and hope that this encourages people to extend their circle of compassion to all animals.

Read more about Greener Pastures here.


Mates4Mates supports current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members (and their families) who are wounded, injured or ill as a result of their service.

They offer national and regional support services including physical rehabilitation and well-being, psychological, employment and education, rehabilitation adventure and social connection activities.

Mates4Mates receives no government funding, so the support and donations they receive from the general public, community groups and businesses are essential to ensuring they can provide these free services to Mates and families in need.

Read more about Mates4Mates here.


The Prospect Project started in 2014 by West Perth local, Shan. As a result of being unhappy in the corporate world and spending her twenties travelling and partying, Shan realised that she had tonnes of life experience but wanted to prove to herself that with hard work and passion, she could achieve something with her life and make a positive change within her community.

She started by combining her love of creating, hip hop and food to release a small range of granola’s that were vegan and refined sugar free. Things kind of snowballed from there….

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We're Weird + We Like It

The Prospect Project Difference

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  • “Mash up all the delicious memories of mum’s cake creations from the Women’s Weekly birthday cake cookbook from every birthday I ever had and boom, you have this candle. Burning this beauty also fools guests into thinking you are level 10 housewife.”

  • “Would it be acceptable to eat this?”

  • “Everyone loves unicorns right?”

  • “If this is what unicorn poo really smells like I want to bathe in it”

  • “After burning this to the bottom I can confidently say that if I had a pet unicorn I’d let it poo inside.”

  • “We first fell in love with TPP’s kick ass candle range back in 2016 and the love grew deeper when they released their “Becky with the good hair” Lemonade & Strawberry flavoured, Beyonce inspired candle!! (We burn that baby every single day) Not to mention the kick ass #girlboss behind the brand who we love having as a part of our #FIFDTRIBE. Thank you Shannon, for sharing your Godly candle making skills with the world”

    Grace H, Founder of F is for Dance
  • “Shoutout to @prospectproject for sending us this deeeeelicious hand poured soy candle. The only thing we love more than candles is having them emblazoned with the lyrics from Shoop”

  • “This amazing candle came today, I’m obsessed”

  • “holy shittttttttttt”


  • Yummy…my house smells like I’m standing outside the Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill. Absolutely Divine @prospectproject



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This gorgeous girl is Wombat, one of our 3 animals from @greenerpasturessanctuary we are sponsoring her food, medical bills + upkeep for the next 12 months, all thanks to your support through shopping at The Prospect Project.

5 month old Wombat came to @greenerpasturessanctuary after her rescuer saw her leap for her life (literally) from a truck driving down a highway at night. She sustained a fracture to her snout, eye socket + had very serious internal injuries. So serious they nearly lost her that night. Besides a bit of a crooked nose she is now in perfect health + has the sweetest nature. 
Wombat spends her days at @greenerpasturessanctuary hanging out with friends — eating, snoozing, playing + blowing bubbles in her mud wallow.
Romeo was found on the side of the road lost, alone and blind.  He was 
given a temporary home but it seemed that no one wanted the 
responsibility of looking after a cow with special needs.  @greenerpasturessanctuary were honoured to be able to offer Romeo a safe, loving forever home.  He is currently thriving and already a favourite amongst 
their visitors due to his incredibly sweet, affectionate nature.

Romeo is one of our 3 animals from @greenerpasturessanctuary we are sponsoring his food, medical bills + general upkeep for the next 12 months, all thanks to your support through shopping at The Prospect Project.

Burn Candles. Do Good.

it's baaaaaaaaack! ask and you shall receive 🙏 Our Cherry Blossom Soy Candle is a beautiful  floral combination of pink Japanese cherry blossom and mimosa flower petals, finished with clean, warm notes of tonka bean, vanilla and oriental woods. ✖️ available in regular for $25 or mini at just $10 👉 www.theprospectproject.com/product/cherry-blossom-soy-candle/  #birthday #cake #customcandles #doughnuts #handmade #homedecor #natural #perthhome #perthcake #perthcandles #perthgifts #perthsmallbiz #perthvegan #saltedcaramel #soycandle #unicorn #unicornpoo #vegan
Perfectly imperfect Pikelet ❤ found as a lamb on the side of the road a 
couple of years ago with a smashed jaw and wounded nose. 2 surgeries 
later and he can eat.... and smile!

Pikelet is one of our 3 animals from @greenerpasturessanctuary we are sponsoring his food, medical bills + general upkeep for the next 12 months, all thanks to your support through shopping at The Prospect Project.

Burn Candles. Do Good.


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