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Thanks for stopping by The Prospect Project; we’re thrilled that you’re interested in joining forces and making some retail magic together! We’re always looking for other like-minded businesses (think: people like YOU) to collaborate with and spread the good vibes a little further.

A bit about us

We’re a team of born-and-bred Perth locals who make socially conscious candles that give back to Aussie not-for-profit causes.  In fact, since launching back in 2015  (the year of Caitlyn Jenner, Hotline Bling, and Jon Snow’s cliffhanger death), we’ve donated over AU$25,000 to our homies including OzHarvestGreener Pastures Sanctuary, and Mates4Mates.

We pride ourselves on being ethical, community-focused, and environmentally conscious while creating unique, quality products that are jam-packed with personality and stand out from the crowd. (We’re a little extra like that.)

What started as a one-woman show in a humble Perth kitchen has grown into a thriving business with a team of rad people who are passionate about making smell-so-good-you-could-eat-them candles, while doing good in the community. We’re currently stocked by over 100 stores and wholesalers around Australia –  including some pretty impressive players in the retail space (*cough* Myer *cough) – and our candles are adored by thousands of happy online customers.

So, what’s so great about being a TPP stockist? Find out the special things we offer:


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If you have any questions about our products, our brand, or need some help choosing flavours (I’m really, really good at explaining to people why they need Unicorn Poo in their life), holler at me via shannon@theprospectproject.com