The Prospect Project Difference

What does “Socially Conscious” mean?

In essence, it’s someone who gives a f*ck.

It’s being aware of important social issues and wanting to make a positive contribution to your community.

In our (sometimes f*cked up) world, it can seem like life’s problems are just too big and too far gone for us to change, leaving us individuals feeling like we’re small and powerless.

So, we do nothing.

The Prospect Project aims to change that by positively influencing the way people perceive the act of being charitable, and how collectively and consciously, we can make small choices that do good in the world.

When you buy our candles, you’re giving back to not-for-profit causes and supporting a business that strives to be unique, ethical, and eco-friendly.

We want to show people that you can be charitable without having to stand on a corner rattling a tin. You don’t have to wear harem pants and have hairy armpits to give a shit about the environment. In fact, you can eat meat and still love animals. (Wait, what? *tumbleweed rolls past*)

Case in point: I personally choose not to eat meat, but that’s my choice. My best friend, Eli, loves nothing more than a blue steak (and has been known to send her plate back until the chef gets it right). Yet, she’s one of the biggest animal lovers I’ve ever met, has fostered numerous rescue dogs, and is continually donating to animal charities. See? ‘Socially-conscious’ comes in many different forms.

So, how can you help?

Make your own choices based on what works best for you and your morals and ethics.

Don’t judge others if they choose to eat meat, use disposable cutlery, or wear fast fashion – just run your own race.

If you’re ordering your coffee and realise you’ve left your reusable cup at home? Well, slap my ass and call me Sally – this doesn’t make you a shitty person! Just make a mental note to remember it next time. (It’s okay, we forgive you.)

And above all else, be kind.

It’s all the teeny tiny choices we make daily that add up to positive change.

Burn candles. Do Good.

We're Weird + We Like It

If you’re looking for a luxurious, opulent, luxury candle, then #sorrynotsorry, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Our candles don’t look or smell like other candles, and we’re pretty proud of that.

We don’t take ourselves seriously around here. We’re more like that mate who’s sarcastic, cheeky, and borderline offensive, but with a big personality and an even bigger heart. If that isn’t your jam? That’s cool – but we ain’t changing for anyone.

We Love Our Community

All our candles are 100% vegan and made with love by hand.

$2 from all online sales are directly donated to your choice of our not-for-profit partnerships, and we regularly donate our products to worthy causes too.

We support women in business through collaborations with local photographers, marketing gurus, and fellow small business owners.

Any of our candles that aren’t ‘pretty’ enough (poor things) are sold at a generous discount, with 100% of profits donated to our NFP’s.

Mother Nature is So Gangster

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Here’s how we do it:

  • What, no pretty box for my candle? Nope, we have purposefully designed our products without unnecessary packaging. (Because landfill sucks.)
  • Our jars are 100% recyclable by you or us. That’s right; your candle may have had a past life as someone else’s candle! (#reincarnation)
  • We recycle paper waste from five households which is then shredded and turned into packaging filling to keep your orders protected while in transit.
  • All online orders are wrapped using Geami Greenwrap – a fully recycled and sustainable alternative to bubble wrap.
  • We guarantee that we have recycled any bubble wrap, expanders, or tissue paper used to package your order from our suppliers.
  • We reuse and recycle all cardboard boxes, both for packing orders and in our messy workshop.
  • Our couriers are booked through Sendle – Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service, which offset the emissions of every parcel. Hooray!

Jar Recycling Program

  • 100% recyclable jars. That’s right, homie – your candle may have had a past life! You can recycle your empty candle jars! Once you have burnt your bad boys down to the wick you can send your 4 large jars or 8 mini jars back my way and you qualify for a free mini candle!! YAAS!! Send ’em back our way using the instructions that come with your candle or click here, and we’ll take care of it for you.


  • “For a small business, it has such a huge impact! Where else can you buy something to treat yourself that not only smells great, can make you laugh and gives back to the community through charitable donations plus recycles! If society thought more about who it invested in, supporting amazing companies like this, 2020 would be a walk in the park!”

  • “Just love the original and clever names of all the flavours, plus love that you support charities”

  • “I love the no f*cks given emails, I always read them just for the lols”

  • “It was love at first smell”

  • I truly haven’t fallen in love with a candle brand like this for a while, honestly, the Melbourne scent is incredible and beats a lot of Diptyque and Maison Balzac scents!”

    Fran Lee
  • “Love, love, LOVE! Can’t wait to buy more”

  • “Mandatory candle ownership. Nothing compares. Do yourself a favour, your home, your friends a favour”

  • “The gingerbread candle has made my new house, four hours from my family, into a home”

  • “I’ve found it. The greatest candle ever made”

  • Holy moly, these lil’ suckers are a candle-y game changer!

    I can’t decide what I love more: the simple, on-trend, minimalist branding which speaks my (sassy) Love Language; the heavenly scents – with just a hint of ‘f*ck you’ vibes – that are so damn good I actually drooled into the Lemon Meringue Pie candle (#truestory); or the fact that a portion of each order goes to a deserving charity of my choice.

    You may regret buying lots of things online – like that faux fur coat from eBay or some dodgy fake tan from Brazil – but stocking up on alllll the rad AF candles from The Prospect Project won’t be one of them.

    Bravo, team. BRA-vo. *slow clap*”

  • “Beyond expectation. Not only do they smell incredibly divine but they look so fabulous! Thank you thank you thank you!”

    Ashley, Sydney
  • “Would it be acceptable to eat this?”

  • “Everyone loves unicorns right?”

  • “If this is what unicorn poo really smells like I want to bathe in it”

  • “After burning this to the bottom I can confidently say that if I had a pet unicorn I’d let it poo inside.”

  • “This amazing candle came today, I’m obsessed”