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LIMITED EDITION Stars in the Sky Candle

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This epic and unique limited edition all-black candle features a matte black tin, matte black label with gunmetal foiling and black musk and pear fragrance is the sleek and contemporary piece you need in your life.

A dark, sophisticated and complex scent brimming with musk and sensual touches of anjou pear, bergamot, vanilla bean, heliotrope and liquorice.

So why the name “Stars in the Sky?”

Sometimes parents who have suffered through the loss of a child refer to the term “shooting star” to describe a lost baby including children passed away months after they were born, lost through a miscarriage, or born still. For many, a shooting star is a sweet symbol for the baby they lost.

Some pretty scary stats on stillbirths:

  • 6 babies are born still every day in Australia
  • One in 135 births will be stillbirth yet the cause of the baby’s death will never be known.
  • Despite enormous technological and medical advances, the rate of stillborn babies has not declined in two decades.

The Stillbirth Foundation Australia is the only Australian charity dedicated to stillbirth research. They are 100 percent community funded.

It was launched by Emma McLeod in October 2005 after Olivia, Emma’s second child and first daughter, died unexpectedly in utero and was born still on 31 July 2002.

Since 2005, the Stillbirth Foundation has allocated over $1million to funding the most rigorously designed studies aimed at finding a means of preventing stillbirth and supporting the families of stillborn babies.

The Stillbirth Foundation Australia’s mission is to significantly reduce the incidence of stillbirth through research, education and advocacy.

Unfortunately, I have had friends and family experience the tragedy of losing a child. Only those who have been through it can truly understand the pure devastation and grief that comes with the loss of a child.

My best friend Lisa lost her baby boy, Austin at 22 weeks and 6 days on 13 Jan 2017 after a routine checkup and scan that morning that showed a perfectly healthy baby. In an instant their world was turned upside down.

In the weeks that followed it was identified that Lisa had experienced a severe placental abruption, resulting in Austin being born still. The reasons for this are still unknown.

“Words that accurately describe the impact do not exist. I felt numb most of the time, and when I did have moments of joy, guilt followed quickly. Goals, priorities, and plans shifted instantly, and things I was previously passionate about no longer seem important in the big scheme of things.”

“What if’s, but why’s, questions, tears, anger, guilt, jealousy, loneliness, and uncertainty took over my thoughts. Conversations often take my breath away.”

“My subsequent pregnancy with my daughter, had the innocence and joy stripped from it, as I spent 9 months holding my breath and analysing every moment in fear that events would reoccur.”

“I often wondered how people recognised me when such a large part of ‘me’ had been taken. I didn’t recognise myself and I certainly wasn’t the same person. I was surrounded by support and love, but I have never felt as alone as I did in the months following. It was incredibly hard to evolve into this new person, a mother, without my baby there to prove that I was. My life immediately separated into two stages, before Austin, and after.”

$2 from the sale of each of these limited edition candles will be donated to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia

This candle is dedicated to Austin. And all the other stars in the sky.

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Burn Candles. Do Good.

We’re more than just another basic candle company – we’re here to set the world on fire. (Geddit?) That’s why $2 from your order will go directly to a not-for-profit organisation of your choice.

Thanks to your support, we have been able to donate over $20,000 to worthy causes so far. (Because baby, it’s a wide world – and we’re here to light it up, one bright prospect at a time.)

Jar Recycling Program

  • 100% recyclable jars. That’s right, homie – your candle may have had a past life! You can recycle your empty candle jars! Once you have burnt your bad boys down to the wick you can send your 4 large jars or 8 mini jars back my way and you qualify for a free mini candle!! YAAS!! Send ’em back our way using the instructions that come with your candle, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Mother Nature is so Gangster

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment – and here’s how we’re doin’ it:

  • 100% vegan products. So you know that no animals were harmed in the making of your candle.
  • All online orders are wrapped with Geami Greenwrap, a fully recycled sustainable alternative to bubble wrap. (And any bubblewrap that finds it’s way into your order has been reused by us from our suppliers, pinky-promise.)
  • We recycle and reuse cardboard boxes where possible from our suppliers.
  • We fill our delivery boxes with 100% recycled shredded paper, keepin’ your order safe ‘n snug (and reducing wastage).
  • Our couriers are booked through Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service who offset the emissions of every parcel. Woohoo!

Shipping Info

Orders are booked for courier pick up every Wednesday.

Please provide a physical address (sorry NO PO BOXES or parcel lockers) where either someone will be home to accept the delivery, or it will be safe to leave your parcel. The Prospect Project accepts no responsibility for parcels that are unable to be delivered or left in a safe place.

Once your order has been collected by the courier, you will receive an email containing your tracking information, so for all queries relating to delivery please check your tracking first.

Custom orders can take up to 4 working days to make, while most orders will be ready for Wednesday pickups if placed before COB Monday the same week.

Baby light my fire

We don’t do things half-assed around here; that’s why we only use the finest fragrances and highest-quality soy wax in our candles. So not only do our candles smell amazing when they’re lit up and being all candle-y, they also emit fragrance when they’re just sittin’ around!

We gonna let it burn, burn, burn

Place in any room in the house that requires a lil’ extra magic.

Tips and tricks (for when your wick is being extra AF)

  • Trim candle wick to about half a centimetre before lighting.
  • If your candle starts smoking, your wick is too long. Blow it out, trim, and re-light.
  • If your wick is drowning, melt some of the wax around the cord and pour out until
    wick is visible.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. (That just dangerous.)


Soy wax: Hydrogenated soy oil, containing a soy-based additive. All 100% vegan, natural, and kosher.

Fragrance: Composed of natural, naturally-derived, and synthetic ingredients. All fragrance materials have been studied by RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) for safety, and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) has set forth a code of practices for the use of the materials. This ensures that fragrances are safe for consumers. All our candles are phthalate free (and smell-o-riffic AF).

  1. Amanda

    Each candle that TPP develops instantly becomes my fave. And right now this is it. I love the warm, musky scent and the limited edition vessel is gorgeous. It instantly makes me feel cosy and loved.

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